brazilian Waxing Tips and Tricks

Post bikini or brazilian wax care is important to your overall experience. Here is are some guidelines to keep you on the right track post wax. These are just suggestions from my experience both personally and professionally: 

Post wax: Heavy creams and oils = HUGE no-no

While I know that it may seem like removing hair from the follicle would require applying a soothing cream. In fact, you do not want to fill an exposed pore with junk. This may lead to clogged hair follicles that may lead to ingrown hairs. A clogged hair follicle look like blackhead. I recommend gently exfoliating the bikini area with a soft loofah or exfoliating mitt the night before your appointment. This loosens the dead skin surrounding the hair follicle allowing for easier removal. It is not recommended that you exfoliation immediately post wax. You should wait at least 24 hours and/or all redness and as subsided. 

Ingrown Hair

The amount of stories I could tell of women who have picked and have the scars to prove it. I know that ingrown hairs are pesky little guys but here are a few reasons why you should not pick at them. Let's start in what exactly is an ingrown hair it is when the hair curls back or grows sideways. Unfortunately, this is most common with those with coarse and/or curly hair. I do not recommend using salt or sugar scrubs as a form of exfoliation. They tend to lead to irritation and may cause infection with an open wound (because we know you picked at it.)

The bikini area is a delicate area and can become irritated easily if not properly taken care of or treated at the first sight of an ingrown. 

A few reasons ingrown hairs occur are due to:

  • Wearing tight clothing such as leggings, workout clothes or underwear for long periods of time.
  • Exercising and not showering immediately post sweat sesh. 
  • Crossing your legs for extended periods may also lead to irritation.
  • Picking with dirty hands or tweezers. eek! I know we've all done it but now you've just introduced bacteria to the open wound. This will not only make the ingrown less than pleasant it may also lead to scarring and pigmentation of the area.

If your ingrowns are very problematic schedule a ingrown mask treatment with your appointment to address the issue. 


Let's have a real talk about cleansing the bikini area. It's all very simple and frankly not complicated when it comes to cleaning the lady bits. Unfortunately, many of us are still using highly fragranced and harsh soaps on our most dilated areas. These soaps disrupt our PH balance and can be irritating to the sensitive bikini area. I personally recommend using a natural soap free of harsh chemicals. My suggested products will be listed below and you may purchase them at my studio. 

Red or white bumps post wax? 

Bumps post wax occasionally happen to some who are very sensitive to waxing. This is known as a histamine reaction and can be treated with an antihistamine or topical 1% hydrocortisone such as Polysporin. *Note do not use Neosporin as it contains ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

Product Recommendations: 

Get the red out and say goodbye to bumps with Bikini Kitty Trauma Drama Solution. This natural aloe and witch hazel will soothe and cool the skin. Tea tree and lavender essentials oils help speed the healing process. 

Maintain a pretty kitty with Bikini Kitty Everyday Magic Spray. An alpha-hydroxy with lactic and glycolic acid.

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