Brazilian Wax FAQ

What is a Brazilian wax?

Every salon or spa has a different definition of a brazilian wax. At my studio when I refer to a brazilian wax this means that ALL the hair is removed from the sides, bikini top and backside (your bum). You may request to leave a strip or triangle area of hair on the top. I completely understand not everyone wants to remove everything and never should you feel like it is a requirement. Brazilian waxing is a personal and very intimate wax. It is my job to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Will it hurt?

Let's be honest for a moment. The truth is that yes it will hurt as you are removing hair from the follicle. Though as an experienced professional I take great care in making the process quick and as painless as possible. A few suggestions to help ease the pain factor are:

  • Schedule your appointment one week after your menstrual cycle. Scheduling your appointment near around your ovulation or menstrual cycle you may find it a tad more painful. 
  • Take a pain reliever at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment. This will help with any swelling or discomfort during the wax session.
  • Limit your caffeine intake the day of your appointment. Caffeine puts your nerves on high alert this combination with waxing can cause for a lot of anxiety. If you have a cup of coffee in the morning schedule your appointment for the afternoon. You'll want to wait at least 3 hours for the caffeine to leave your bodystream. 
  • Lastly, speak up. If you're experiencing a lot of pain it's important you communicate with me throughout your wax session. If you need a break, let's take a break for a moment. 

What should I expect after my wax?

If it is your first time getting wax you may experience some discomfort for an hour or up-to a day after your wax. Those who have coarser hair may feel sensitivity during and/or soreness post wax for a day or two. It's important to not wear tight clothing such a jeans or leggings if this your first wax. Again, the best way to minimize the pain is to take a pain reliever 20 minutes prior to your appointment. First time waxers will go home with a post wax kit that includes a solution to help soothe and calm. You may also apply a cool compress to the area til the the redness is gone. This may be needed for the first few waxes until you become familiar and adjust to the waxing. Once you are a regular you'll find the wax sessions quick and not as painful as your first wax.

How long should I wait for my first wax?

This is an excellent question that I get often by first time waxers. If you have been shaving for a long time you'll find that getting your first brazilian wax takes a little prep time. You'll want to wait at least 2-3 weeks once you have shaving before your first appointment. I highly discourage waxing for the first time prior a major life event such as a wedding or vacation. I recommend scheduling two wax appointments prior to your event. The first one will be uncomfortable and will help familiarize you to the service. The second will be a much less painful and will prepare you for your event. 

Can I use a numbing cream beforehand?

I would not suggest using a numbing cream before your wax. The reason is because it can interfere with the application of wax as it leaves behind a film on the skin. Sometimes the creams may also cause irritation to the skin due to the ingredients. I know it may seem like a good idea but I say stay away from the numbing creams or sprays.

What if I start my period before my appointment?

It's perfectly OK to get waxed while on your period. Just a couple of points should you choose to wax while during your cycle 1.) it will be much more painful than usual. 2.) You must wear a clean tampon. Again, taking a pain reliever 20 minutes prior to your appointment may help.

Is it okay to wax if I'm pregnant?

Yes, it's okay to wax if you are pregnant. Though you may want to clear it with your doctor beforehand. Waxing during your pregnancy will be much more sensitive during and after your wax. Unfortunately, if you are more than 5 months pregnant and have never received a wax I can not perform a full brazilian. The skin is much too sensitive and engorged at this point to wax safely. We may be able to perform a bikini wax without issue.

How long will it last after I get waxed?

A common question from many first time waxers unfortunately this question is not an easy one to answer. It all depends on the type of hair, how long you've been shaving and what stage your hair growth is in. Shaved hair will tend to grow back just a few days. When shaving for a long period of time the hair needs time to fully grow back in. Shaving cuts the hair at the thickest part making the first time wax not as smooth. It will take at least 2-3 wax sessions to achieve a smoother wax.  Patience goes will pay off, I promise! 

A minimum of 3-4 weeks regrowth is ideal for those who have been shaving this will allow for all the hair to grow back in.

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