Waxing FAQ

What is waxing?

Waxing is the process of removing the hair directly from the follicle. When you remove the hair from the follicle this means the hair has to recreate itself from the bulb and regrow through. Unlike shaving or creams when you remove the hair from the surface only.

Does it hurt?

To be completely honest the pain level is completely varies from person to person. There will be some discomfort during the wax treatment as we are removing hair from the follicle. Overall time the pain from waxing will become more tolerable as the hair becomes thinner and fine. We do suggest taking a pain reliever prior to coming in for your wax to help with the discomfort.

*Of course, always consult with your physician before taking medications.

What kind of wax do you use?

We use Se-Brazil soft wax (strip wax) and non-polymer hard wax (no strip). Our waxes are made of the highest quality ingredients. No plastics and natural ingredients. Soft wax is applied and removed with a 100% cotton strip typically used on facial waxing and larger areas of the body such as legs and backs. Our non-polymer hard wax (no plastic additives) is applied and hardens around the hair. It is removed without a strip and some say they find it less painful as a soft wax.

How long does the results last?

You can expect 1-2 weeks of hair free results post wax if all pre-waxing instructions are followed. All areas have a minimal amount of regrowth time in order to achieve best results.

Does it come back thicker and darker?

This is a common misconception that waxing will make the hair come back thicker or darker. In fact, when you remove the hair from the root (follicle) it will come back thinner and softer.

What about Brazilian or Bikini waxing?

We actually have a whole page on these specific questions you can read them about it on our Brazilian Wax FAQ page.